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Press Agency

Keep The DJ offers a range of services dedicated to the club Press Agency, labels, djs, producers and artists in general, including the management of the promo or demo, in traditional way or e-mail, the creation and placement of banners; management consulting and advertising campaigns in the media industry, with the possibility of achieving even the graphics.

Among the low cost services that embody our philosophy is the newsletter via e-mail. Built on a database field, with over 30.000 contacts, is an excellent marketing solution to entry-level price, affordable to all, which greatly increases your visibility and reputation or, if already established, actively contributes to the consolidation, contributing in addition to increase customer (see sales and profits).

Our professional competences can be you useful, such as, to realize a feasibility system for DJ & Live Set Podcast is based on Feed / RSS and Apple iTunes.

Examples of our press services 
On the right you can see some example of releases from the record labels promoted by our agency.

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